None of the software below are intended for commercial use. Use at your own risk.

None of the software have documentation, none have been tested extensively, most don’t even have comments.

Here you will be able to find some software I have developed through the years, some related to Lights some not. Its my hobby to make programs that would make my life easier, or more interesting. I am planning to make them easier to use and write a proper documentation file, but as of now that’s what it is.

GrandMA 2 OSC input

The title pretty much sums it up. Its a program that converts OSC strings to telnet commands. The string can be anything the MA2 console accepts as a command.

Novation Laucnchpad ARTNET & OSC

This is a software developed by Ella Jameson that I have modded to be able to send ARTNET and OSC values. In order to install and setup you have to visit her Github page. If you like it ,you really should donate to her!

Call Of Duty Haptic Feedback System

This is the most advanced project. It provides the user feedback thru vibrating motor that you distribute over your body, using as input your display. If you have the time to build it you should. It really does add to the gaming experience. It is one of my first projects so its a bit of mess. There is a presentation that explains the way it works. (the presentation is in Greek so good luck!)
If you wish to try it out, feel free to contact me!