HI, I am ALEX!

I have been in the entertainment lighting business since 2015. I am an extremely self-motivated individual. A perfectionist even if time is critical. I work fast but with precision. I will come up with the best solution to your problem.

Programming :I am the perfect fit to your production as a programmer. I have worked with numerous lighting designers, my goal is to provide the best possible service and the most pleasant experience for the LD, even if it means researching after hours for extremely niche requests. The qualities of a good programmer are excellent knowledge of the console and understanding the vision of the LD.

Tour Re-Lighting : I work restlessly until the vision of the LD’s and the Director’s has been fulfilled. I am always well prepared and when things go south, I am up for the challenge.
Your performance deserves to be the same in any venue, in any circumstance.

Lighting Design : I exclusively do concerts, festival or any music orientated event. I understand how music works and I can deliver that feeling to the audience. From classical music, to heavy metal, to EDM. Every piece of musical literature has its high points and my duty is to highlight them and make it more engaging for the audience.